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Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic

2920 Oak Park Circle #101

Fort Worth, TX 76109 USA



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The Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Derek L. Page, has been providing optimal chiropractic care to patients in and around Fort Worth for over 25 yearsthe mission of the FWCC is to provide the best chiropractic care to every patient that we see. Chiropractic has been shown to be supremely effective for the treatment of lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, arm and leg pain and numbness, digestive disorders and some respiratory conditions. The focus of the Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic is to help your body, take care of you, by removing interference to the nervous system, which controls and coordinates every cell in your body. It is important to remember that, only a chiropractor can determine if yours is a chiropractic case.

Your first visit at the FWCC will include a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Page followed by an examination to determine the source of your pain. If it is determined that your condition requires them, X-rays will be recommended and taken on site to confirm examination findings and to rule out pathology. Another benefit obtained by X-rays, include identifying spinal degenerative changes that result from spinal misalignments, that may have gone undetected for years and even decades. These findings can be invaluable in determining the best clinical approach to resolve your condition.

If X-rays are taken, Dr. Page will review them with you personally and explain in understandable terms, his opinion regarding what is causing your condition and will then recommend a treatment plan that he feels will expedite resolving your condition.

It is important to understand that all health comes from within your body. It does not come from a pill, or a vitamin or a drug. Health comes from, and is maintained by the innate intelligence that we all have in our bodies that, for instance, heals the cuts and bruises that we sustain in the course of active daily living. A cast on the broken bones that we occasionally sustain does nothing to heal the bone, it merely holds it in the correct position while the body heals the injury from within. And that is important to understand when considering chiropractic care in our clinic. The body is a great healer, but it cannot re-align a single thing. That broken bone, even if not aligned and casted, will still heal, only crooked, but it will not function like it was designed to. The same is true for a cut that needs, but does not get stitches. It will heal but it will require more scar tissue. This same principle is true for the joints of the spine. Injuries that we receive in accidents, or falls, or as the result of poor posture, or stressful situations can cause the vertebrae of the spine to misalign, and thereby causing pressure and irritation to the nervous system. When there is pressure on any part of the nervous system, it reduces that nerves ability to communicate with the cells it controls. It is like talking on the phone to a friend and having static from a bad connection prevent you from hearing the voice on the other end. If you cannot understand the person on the other end of the call, you cannot respond to even their simplest request. It is the same philosophy that prevents our cells and organs from healing properly when a pinched nerve alters communication with the brain. Dr. Page and the Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic are dedicated to finding and eliminating misalignments of the spine that are causing irritation or pinching of the nerves of the body to the best of their ability, thereby allowing your body to function properly and pain free.

Whether you are a longtime resident or are new to the Fort Worth area, and think that you may be in need of a chiropractor due to an accident, fall or recurrent/chronic pain, call Dr. Page today at (817) 924-7243 and let’s get back on the road to better health.

Dr. Derek Page
Fort Worth Chiropractor | Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic | 817-924-7243

2920 Oak Park Circle #101
Fort Worth, TX 76109

About Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic

  • The Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic is conveniently located just off Hulen Street at 2920 Oak Park Circle Suite 101. We are just west of TCU, across Hulen from Stonegate and near the Post Office on Oak Park Lane.



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  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Page."
    John Doe / Fort Worth, TX

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